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Constantly striving for creative solutions to stimulate kids imagination.

  • Passionate & Focus
    With both passion and focus, you have more of a sense of direction driven by the will to pursue your dreams.
  • Creativity & Imagination
    Creativity and imagination is what brings us together especially when we work on stories and contents.
  • Multilingual
    Our team members have different experiences when it comes to exposure to languages.
  • Multicultural
    We all have different connections to cultures around the world. From our family ties of different backgrounds and ethnicities, to the city that we live in.
  • Family focus
    To create a bond between family members through the use of technology.
  • Children in mind
    Why did we start this project? Well because of children of course! They are our future and we want to give them new tools that enhance their creativity and imagination!

“We have a team of multicultural and multilingual members at Kidcrea Story and it is also why we feel that it is important to have multiple languages in our stories.

Kevin Timelli / Founder


We want to introduce a new way of storytelling through the wonders of technology. At the same time, we want to promote the use of imagination and creation on a multilingual platform.


Reading is a fundamental skill which enables us to gain knowledge and a better understanding of the world we live in. It is important for kids to pick up the reading habit and we are providing a new approach in storytelling by giving them the freedom to create content and not just consume.

We thought we’d do something meaningful (and something that we love):
writing stories for children.

What started out as an idea of just writing stories for children soon turned into an idea for them to create stories instead.


Amazing Talents
Kevin Founder Kidcrea Story

Kevin Timelli

Founder Kidcrea Story
Kevin Timelli, French, married to his wonderful Indonesian wife and a proud father to their four-year-old son. Raising a multilingual son of his own, taught him the importance of multiculturalism and multilingualism. That drove him to start Kidcrea Story, a website that provides kids the opportunity to create their own multilingual stories. He aspires to offer parents around the world the ability to share their language with their children through this new way of storytelling.