What began as a daily routine between Kevin and his son, soon developed into an idea that is now shared with kids and parents around the world!


Kids are our main strength, and we do it for them.

Everything begins with imaginations: visualising ideas in our mind.
We may have millions in our lifetime but only some turn into reality!

Kidcrea Story is a fine example!

The STORY - Multilingual story maker

Hi everyone,
The team and myself are happy that you take the time to read this message.
I’m Kevin the creator of Kidcrea Story, I’m a dad of a 4 years old boy.
This text is the explanation about the how and why Kidcrea Story project came to life.

I love to create and Imagine stories with my son.

One day when I was accompanying him to take a nap, I was asking myself if a website where kids could create stories by making choices existed. So once my son slept I stood up and started searching for it.
I couldn’t find anything that exactly matched my expectation and what I was having in mind.
So I started to work on it.

As a mixed married couple (France/Indonesia) with a kid that speaks 3 languages, giving easy access to stories in multiple languages was essential.

I have to say, buying books in multiple languages can become expensive, and it is sometimes complicated to find the right book in the language we want.
Physical books are great! But what about creation? The kids choose their books they like it!  great.
Now let’s imagine, we give the kids the ability to create their own stories by making choices.

That is the idea!

Following this, the main idea of Kidcrea Story was to give access to a functional website for kids to create their own stories available in a large choice of languages completely translated, not just computer translated.
It means we have people from around the world working on the stories in different languages. They rewrite it, play the words around for each language, to really give the best translation possible.
Of course at this time we do not have many different languages, as we are in the first phase of the project, but the objective is to have as many languages available.

As for us, we want kids from all around the world to have easy access to story creation from our library and we aspire to offer parents around the world the ability to share their language with their children through this new way of storytelling.

Kids are our main strength, and we do it for them.