LIVE story creation sessions with Kidcrea

Motivated by the desire to imagine and create amazing stories.

We combine our knowledge with the children's imagination.
  • In English
  • In French
  • Or a mix of both languages
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Getting children to create stories as a team.

With Kidcrea Live, the team decide to bring Kidcrea Story to a more live version.
We know how children love to create stories the fly' and that's why we decided to have Kidcrea Live - a story creation session done LIVE.

Using the same concept, such as naming your character, giving them emotions and choosing an object. We pick the creative and imaginative minds of our young creators and let them go wild and free on ideas!

Every kid get's a chance to vote and participate to the creation of the story. We want to make sure that all of their ideas are heard. It's always more fun to see how the story develops from different minds! This is a great session to spend some fun times with your friends!
Imagination is really the main tool for this fun activity.